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Why Stratford?

GreenSeal • November 26, 2018

Why Stratford?

When you mention Stratford, most people immediately think of the world-class Stratford Festival. Since 1952, the Festival has been drawing tens of thousands of Shakespeare-loving tourists to the community every season.

The construction of a brand-new theatre will be complete in 2020 as the Festival continues to grow and flourish, to the benefit of the entire community.  

But the City of Stratford today is about much more than incredible theatre, culture and arts.  

Stratford (population 32,000) is becoming well-known as a progressive hotspot for technology and innovation – the perfect environment for GreenSeal Cannabis Co. to develop and thrive.

City Support from Day One

Stratford has been nominated as a Top 7 Intelligent Community on multiple occasions, and the city’s collective smarts have benefitted us from the very beginning of our business experience here.

Back in 2015, one of our first steps was to apply for zoning approval to purchase city-owned land for the construction of our cutting-edge cannabis production facility in Wright Business Park.

When Stratford City Council unanimously approved our application, we knew we’d chosen the perfect place.

Once complete, our state-of-the-art cultivation site earned a 2018 Grand Valley Construction Association (GVCA) Award of Excellence –  Stratford deserves nothing less than the best!



Hubs for Tech and Innovation

Stratford and GreenSeal Cannabis Co. have an important quality in common: we both serve as a hub for innovation and technology.  

As we earn our own place on the impressive list of ground-breaking projects and initiatives happening in Stratford today, it’s obvious we’re in great company:

Stratford powers itself. First, the City of Stratford took its electrical power distribution service into its own hands as a public utility, known as Festival Hydro.

City-wide public Wi-Fi. Next, it turned the entire city into a Wi-Fi hotspot to support the installment of wireless smart meters in every home and business.

The city-wide, high-speed broadband wireless network was then made available to all residents, businesses and visitors.

Testing and demonstration site for autonomous vehicles. Good ideas attract more good ideas. The establishment of the city-wide Wi-Fi led to an $80-million government investment supporting the establishment of Stratford as the first site for live testing driverless cars (aka autonomous vehicles).

Stratford’s got fibre. The decision makers in Stratford were once again way ahead of the curve when they approved the installation of super-highspeed fibre optic data lines for the city’s digital infrastructure.

Home to massive corporate data centres. The establishment of the fibreoptic information pipeline attracted the development of central data processing and storage centres in the city.

RBC built a massive, 400,000 square-foot, $300 million data centre back in 2010.

Today, construction plans are underway for another major data centre powered by renewable energy in Wright Business Park (very close to where we’re located!).

Canada’s biggest battery. Another neighbour of ours is the largest battery storage facility in Canada.

We can see the $20 million Stratford Festival Hydro Battery – which stores power when it’s at its least expensive and releases it at peak hours – from our front gate!

University of Waterloo-Stratford campus. Waterloo, Ontario (widely known as “Canada’s Silicon Valley”) is only 30 minutes down the highway from Stratford.



The University of Waterloo recognized Stratford was perfect for a tech-based education centre and established the Stratford School of Interactive Design and Business in the city’s downtown.

We’re at Home in Stratford

For a town with just a little over 30,000 residents, Stratford certainly punches above its weight.

There’s no shortage of exciting, cutting-edge projects and businesses setting up in the community, which makes us feel right at home.  

Our approach to cannabis cultivation is as much about developing and testing new ideas to push the boundaries of the entire global industry as it is about growing product.

Rather than testing driverless cars, our research partnerships focus on using technology and data to test and measure new methods for producing the finest cannabis possible for our recreational and medical cannabis customers.

GreenSeal Cannabis Co. is committed to being the best at what we do, which makes Stratford such a fitting place for us to operate.

Stratford deserves, and expects, nothing less than the best cannabis Canada has to offer!

Are there any other awesome Stratford-based projects or businesses we haven’t mentioned here?

We’d love to hear about them, so let us know in the comments below!

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