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The Top Ten Most Frequently Asked Questions About GreenSeal Cannabis Co.

GreenSeal • October 29, 2018

The Canadian cannabis industry is relatively new (especially when it comes to legal recreational use!). It’s changing, progressing, and evolving all the time, and our own operations and scope are no exception as we continue to expand and innovate.

We know there’s a lot of buzz and interest surrounding GreenSeal Cannabis Co., so we thought we’d take the opportunity to answer some of the questions we most frequently hear about our operations and plans.

1.  Where is GreenSeal Cannabis Co. located?

We’re located in Wright Business Park, situated in the southeast corner of Stratford, Ontario, Canada.

Stratford is a unique place where the arts community coexists comfortably alongside high-tech, industry-leading corporations and projects. Today the city is as becoming as well known for autonomous vehicle testing, the University of Waterloo’s digital media campus, and high-capacity data centres as it is for its world-class theatre festival. It’s the perfect environment for our progressive, innovation-focused approach to cannabis cultivation.



The Stratford community immediately welcomed us with open arms and has supported our ambitious plans from day one. We’re happy and proud to call this beautiful, forward-thinking town in Southwestern Ontario our home!

2.  How did GreenSeal Cannabis Co. get started?

GreenSeal Cannabis was founded and incorporated in 2014 by three partners – Peter Reeves (General Manager), Chad Morphy (Master Grower), and Corey Hamilton (President).


Our trailblazing leadership team benefits from over a decade of experience growing cannabis legally under Canada’s Marijuana for Medical Access Regulations (MMAR) program. The knowledge and expertise developed during those early years of Canadian cannabis legalization provide a rock-solid foundation for the cutting-edge methods and practices we are currently applying and honing today.

Construction of our custom-built, state-of-the-art, 28,000-square-foot production site commenced in September 2016 and was completed in October 2017.

GreenSeal Cannabis Co. had its cultivation license approved by Health Canada in 2017. We harvested our first crop in May 2018… and haven’t looked back since!

To hear more about the GreenSeal story, have a listen to this radio interview with our President Corey Hamilton:






3.  Is GreenSeal Cannabis Co. hiring?

As we continue to expand our operations and ramp up our production to meet the cannabis industry’s explosive demand we will be gradually adding people to our team. Active job postings can be found in the Careers section of this website.

Anyone who is interested in career opportunities with GreenSeal Cannabis Co. should send a cover letter and resume to Even if we’re not currently hiring, we’ll keep your application on file for future consideration when positions open.

4.  Does GreenSeal Cannabis Co. grow for the medical or recreational market (or both)?

GreenSeal Cannabis Co. is a master cannabis cultivator supplying to both the recreational and medical marketplaces via our distribution partners.

Cultivating and selling cannabis can be viewed as a by-product of our core mission, which is to drive innovation across the entire global cannabis industry through our ongoing research and innovation projects.

5.  What types of cannabis is GreenSeal Cannabis Co. cultivating?

We’re continually sourcing new genetics from the best seed producers in the industry. Our extensive in-house seed catalogue currently includes dozens of the most sought-after, tried-and-true strains available worldwide.

After our Master Grower runs each new strain through our proprietary genetic selection processes (comparing various phenotypes for growth characteristics, resilience, yield, plant/flower quality, terpenes levels, etc.) we choose the best ones for our cultivation regime.

Our never-ending quest to elevate cannabis genetics to even greater heights means we also crossbreed high-performing strains to combine their most desirable qualities within new original hybrid varieties.

6.  What kind of lighting does GreenSeal Cannabis Co. grow its plants under?

Partnered with Université Laval in Quebec, GreenSeal has completed one of the most comprehensive, unique and important studies related to lighting technology in the burgeoning cannabis industry to date. Our Head of Innovation – Dr. James Eaves – has published numerous articles on the subject and has presented the findings through academic works and at industry events. Based on these test results, and as we expand, GreenSeal will be focusing almost entirely on LED fixtures: the latest and most promising technological innovation in cannabis grow lights.

7.  Does GreenSeal Cannabis Co. plan to have a retail store?

As of October 2018, the Ontario government has indicated it will allow one retail store license per Licensed Producer (LP) in our province, but only if it is located on their licensed production site (i.e. a factory outlet store).

We are currently assessing our options based on conversations with the City of Stratford and the rollout of the new regulations for retail cannabis sales for LPs.

8.  What other companies/organizations does GreenSeal Cannabis Co. partner with?

We are currently engaged in many partnerships with companies and organizations who share our goal of pushing the cannabis industry continually forward via research and innovation.

Some of our most key partnerships include:

BlissCo is a Licensed Producer and distributor of cannabis located in British Columbia. We have a partnership to supply product destined for the medical and recreational market through BlissCo.


Pro-Mix is well known as the go-to soil growing medium in the greenhouse industry. We are currently testing and collecting data on the performance of different types of Pro-Mix to help determine the best formula for indoor cannabis cultivation.

Université Laval has created a research partnership with GreenSeal Cannabis Co., primarily through consultation with distinguished Laval professor Dr. James Eaves, who is also our Head of Innovation.

9.  Can I get a tour of GreenSeal Cannabis Co.?

Unfortunately, due to our super-tight standards for biosecurity, we do not provide regular tours of our production facility. Sorry, but you never know who might be carrying crop-devastating pests!!

10.  How can someone buy GreenSeal Cannabis Co.’s product?

Our product is highly sought after within the industry and is currently being snapped up and re-distributed through our “Business to Business” Licensed Producer partners.

As we continue to ramp up production we want to keep our friends informed about what’s coming through the pipeline. Things are always moving fast here at GreenSeal, so the best way to keep abreast of all our important updates is to join our e-mail list.

We’re Only Just Beginning!

The best part about GreenSeal Cannabis Co.’s story is: it’s only the first chapter!

We look forward to a bright future of continued growth, expansion, and innovation at the leading edge of the Canadian cannabis industry.

Are there any questions you have about GreenSeal that we haven’t answered here?

Leave them in the comments below and we’ll do our best to answer them!

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