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Our Commitment to Top Quality Cannabis: The Keys to Consistency

January 2, 2021

At GreenSeal Cannabis Co. everything we do centres around our customers.

We’ve been listening to Canadian cannabis consumers, budtenders and community influencers, and some messages are loud and clear when it comes to what you folks are looking for.

High THC has been an expectation since day one. Out of the gate, it was all about the high-THC cultivars.

High cannabinoid content (20%+) is a sign of really good genetics, which were likely run through a phenotype hunt to single out the version with the highest THC (here’s how we run a pheno hunt at GreenSeal).

The highest possible THC is achieved when good genetics are cultivated by skilled growers in an optimized indoor growing environment completely dialed in for nutrients, temperatures, watering, CO2, etc.

Terpenes are just as important. As Canadian consumers explored the options for high-THC cultivars, you let us know you expected more than just potency.

While high THC is a sign of great genetics and a dialed-in growing environment, high total terpenes (2% -3%+) are a sign of a producer’s overall commitment to quality.

THC lab results are not always as reliable as we would all hope, but there’s no mistaking a high terpene reading.

The more information about a product’s terpenes the better. To help you decide if a product is what you’re looking for, today’s savvy customers want to know a cultivar’s individual terpenes in addition to overall terp levels.

GreenSeal’s lab tests indicate the detection of over 150 terpenes in our finished whole flower.

Check out the full website profiles on our Cultivar pages to see the average THC and terpene percentages across all of our Gorilla Berry, Mango Kush, and Chemdawg Ultra lots to-date.

The Cultivar pages also break down the top five average terpenes and the flavours and aromas each terp offers to the consumer’s sensory experience.

Quality, Consistency, and Innovation: It’s in GreenSeal’s DNA

When our R&D program identifies a technique, growing practice, or tweak that enhances the potency or quality of the cannabis we’re producing, it gets integrated.

Every detail of our process, from our optimized propagation program all the way to the final post-harvest finishing approach, has been data-tested for peak results.

Even if it means taking more time, we know what works and do whatever it takes when it comes to giving our customers what they’ve been searching for: the best of the best.

Bigger is not better when it comes to batches. Our small batches ensure each and every plant receives dedicated, focused care throughout the growing lifecycle.

Harvesting more frequently ensures consistent, high quality supply. Our “Perpetual Harvest” growing schedule is a system focused on consistent, fresh product.

Another advantage of regular harvests is the ability for us to adapt to changing consumer tastes and demands by changing up or introducing new cultivars.

Full spectrum lighting means full expression of cannabinoids and terpenes. Our R&D program conducted and published a peer-reviewed research study to determine the best lighting format for indoor cannabis, and we designed our custom lighting systems based on those findings.

Soil enrichment makes a difference. Our in-house research also proved the benefits of adding natural soil amendments to our growing media.

These additions help ensure a sweeter, smoother flavour due to increased sugars.

“Sea-of-Green” consists of many small plants grown together. Rather than vegging huge monsters and flowering them with the goal of massive per-plant yields, we grow thousands of small plants.

The shorter growing period offers less time for negative impacts to happen, and the smaller plants keep bud sizes and maturity consistent.

Data-driven harvests. We are constantly monitoring for optimized levels over the course of each harvest and post-harvest finish.

Signature finishing process. By the time we package our product it has slowly come down to exactly where we want it to be in terms of moisture and available water, with minimized loss of terpenes and THC.

Hand-Groomed and Packaged. GreenSeal staff and our trusted partners tend to each product as if it were their own.

Top-shelf cannabis requires total attention to the craft

Canadian cannabis consumers have spoken, and GreenSeal is listening.

There are no shortcuts when it comes to cultivating cannabis with both astronomic THC levels and top-class terpenes.

We’re using all of our knowledge and research to do whatever it takes to surpass, and hopefully even redefine, your expectations.

Do you have any questions regarding our propagation, growing, harvesting, or finishing processes?

If so, leave them in the comments below and we will do our best to answer them.

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