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Bringing it ON home! GreenSeal Cannabis is now available in Ontario!

July 13, 2021

It’s ON!

GreenSeal Cannabis Co. is delighted to announce our product is now available in our home province of Ontario.

As of Tuesday, July 13, 2021, retail stores in Ontario can purchase GreenSeal’s flagship Gorilla Berry in 3.5g whole flower format to put on their shelves.

Welcome to Ontario, Gorilla Berry

If Ontario is anything like Alberta and BC (where it’s been flying off the shelves for months), Gorilla Berry is going to be a popular choice among cannabis lovers looking for terp-heavy, high THC, premium flower at an accessible, everyday price.

With Gorilla Berry’s small batches averaging at right around 25% THC , Ontarians will appreciate its heavy-hitting effects.

Its potency usually produces effects typically related to Indica flower (for most it will be more of a PM choice than an AM choice).

Its flavour and aroma immediately bring to mind the tart sweetness of a blueberry pie.

This sense memory is triggered by Gorilla Berry’s balanced terpene profile, featuring notes of fruity Myrcene, cinnamon-spice Caryophyllene, and tart Pinene.

But the experience we’ve heard the most from social media reviewers out West is the smoothness of the smoke.

When enjoyed via combustion in a joint or pipe, there is a creamy smoothness with zero harshness.

It makes us happy to hear feedback about Gorilla Berry’s smooth taste, since our team puts a ton of time and attention into flushing, drying and finishing our cannabis so its precious terpenes and THC are preserved, and its flavour remains sweet.

You’re Invited: Come Celebrate with Us!

The launch of our first retail product in our home province of Ontario is something our neighbours and social media followers have been looking forward to for a long time.

To mark the occasion, our friends at the Little Leaf Cannabis retail store (located at 804 Ontario St. in our hometown of Stratford, ON) are generously opening their doors this Friday (July 16th) to celebrate with our staff, family, friends, customers, and some media guests.

Adults (19+) are invited to drop in any time between 3 pm and 6 pm to be among the first to purchase some Gorilla Berry and meet the local team responsible for producing it.

Please note, Ontario’s Phase 3 COVID protocols will be in effect.

For those Ontarians not in Stratford, give your local authorized retailer the heads-up that you’d love to see them stock up on GreenSeal’s Gorilla Berry!

If you’re unable to access it at a nearby store, Gorilla Berry is also available via the Ontario Cannabis Store’s online purchase portal starting July 20.

However you access it, and however you choose to enjoy it, one thing’s for sure: It’s going to be a Gorilla Berry summer!

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