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What are Night Harvests? Part Science, Part Grower Superstition…

June 29, 2021

Night Harvesting is the practice of chopping down mature cannabis plants when the grow lights are off.

GreenSeal didn’t invent Night Harvests: experienced growers have sworn by the practice since time immemorial.

For those who take Night Harvesting to its extreme, plants are left in complete darkness for 48 hours before they are harvested in the dark.

Although it sounds more like grower superstition, the science backs it up: since light and heat degrade THC and terpenes, plants are at their peak potency and flavour when the flower room lights are off.

Although we don’t go so far as to subject our plants to 48 hours of pre-chop darkness (ours will have slept for about 12 hours), we harvest under green lights whenever possible in our flower rooms.

Working under green light during night harvests is super important; we have multiple small batches flowering at once in our vertical grow rooms and we don’t want to disturb their lighting schedules by interrupting the darkness.

Since cannabis plants are green, they reflect rather than absorb the green light from the harvest team’s headlamps, so the darkness cycle is uninterrupted for the room’s other small batches.

It takes a little time for new members of the harvest team to get used to working under green light, but that’s how much we’re all obsessed with preserving THC and terpenes!

Whether or not it’s grower superstition or science, night harvesting is one of many techniques we apply to preserve quality, potency and flavour.

A a result of this dialed-in system, the three cultivars we’re currently growing are all clocking in with impressive THC and terpene results.

Our Indica-dominant Gorilla Berry phenotype leads the pack with THC levels ranging from 22% to 28%, and terps between 2-4%.

Our balanced Mango Kush hybrid and Sativa-dominant Chemdawg Ultra are customer favourites, with both boasting 20-26%THC and 1.5-3.5% total terpenes.

At GreenSeal, we’re constantly focused on moving cannabis forward, and we’re not afraid of challenging conventional thinking to do so.

We’re also not afraid of embracing techniques employed by generations of growers and honing them to become part of our customized, data-driven growing program.

You know it’s a night harvest day when you see the flower room team with their green headlights on, truly embodying our company’s motto:

For the Greener Good!

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