A fully-optimized, six-tiered indoor growing environment places GreenSeal amongst the highest yielding cannabis producers per square foot of production space in the world.

With Intellectual Property (IP) and Patents Pending across multiple innovations, GreenSeal regularly develops never-before-seen solutions for lighting, growing techniques, production methods and post-harvest processes, as well as a host of advancements in HVAC & infrastructure.


The only way to achieve the full genetic potential of a cultivar (aka ‘strain’) is through an extensive genetic selection ‘phenotype hunt’ program.

GreenSeal’s in-house genetic selection program propagates hundreds of candidates of a potential new cultivar, then uses data to identify the seedlings with the strongest lab-tested levels of both THC and terpenes, and the most desirable traits for our tiered indoor growing environment.


In partnership with a leading North American research university, GreenSeal published the largest peer-reviewed study of cannabis lighting intensity ever conducted (view it here).

Extensive on site Research & Development allows GreenSeal to perfect all factors involved in cannabis production: from optimizing nutrients, to determining the ideal growing media, to managing staffing workflows.

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