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Attention BC! Dropping in January 2021: Whole Flower and Pre-rolls by GreenSeal Cannabis Co.

January 4, 2021

When it comes to knowledgeable cannabis consumers who expect only the best quality from their flower, there’s no place in the world like British Columbia.

As GreenSeal prepared to introduce ourselves, our all-new cultivars, and our whole flower products to Canadians, we knew there was only one place to start: BC.

Later this month (January, 2021), GreenSeal will be dropping three new cultivars in BC: Gorilla Berry, Mango Kush, and Chemdawg Ultra.

All are available in 3.5g whole flower format, and two of the three (Chemdawg Ultra and Mango Kush) can be purchased in tubes containing three half-gram (3 x 0.5g) pre-rolls.

Gorilla Berry: For the terp hunters

After tracking the data for hundreds of Gorilla Berry seedlings, our genetic selection program was able to zero-in on this true unicorn, combining the comforting aroma of blueberry pie (amplified to the tune of 2-4% total terpenes) with extremely potent 22-28% total THC.

Mango Kush: The best of all worlds

In a world where almost all cannabis cultivars are hybrids of one sort or another, GreenSeal’s Mango Kush offers a truly balanced Indica/Sativa experience. The namesake ripe mango flavour comes from its high Myrcene content, which is enlivened by a peppery blast of Caryophyllene.

Chemdawg Ultra: The indoor growing difference

At GreenSeal, we’ve researched and optimized every inch of our indoor growing spaces and every step in our processes from propagation to harvest.

When you open a package of Chemdawg Ultra dry flower, you’ll immediately notice the difference our 100% dialed-in indoor growing program makes.

From the intense aroma diffusing from perfectly preserved terpenes, to the pristine appearance of the trichome-covered flowers, it’s next-level product in every way, and a testament to the heights a cannabis cultivar can reach when it’s grown by the GreenSeal team.

Ask your local retailer to stock up on GreenSeal whole flower and prerolls!

For residents of British Columbia, once the big drop happens (stay tuned to our social media channels for exact timing) you’ll be able to order GreenSeal’s 3.5g whole flower in all three cultivars, and pre-rolls for Mango Kush and Chemdawg Ultra, from the BC Cannabis Stores website.

Ask your favourite local budtender if their retail store is planning on carrying GreenSeal cannabis and ask them to consider stocking it if they’re not.

While the rest of the country will have to wait at least a little while longer to enjoy GreenSeal cannabis, it seems appropriate the legendary cannabis-loving community in BC will be the first to give it a try!

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