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A Day in the Life of GreenSeal Cannabis Co. (In Photos!)

cannabis • April 3, 2019

Take a tour of our facility and meet some of the team

We get a lot of requests for tours at GreenSeal Cannabis Co.’s production site.

It’s understandable that people want to learn more about our operation and witness our innovative, cutting-edge production practices in person.

We’d love to invite the public to come to have a look at our facility and see our plants growing and team in action.

But offering tours to the public would cause some problems for us.

Firstly, we’d have to take time away from our single-minded pursuit of cannabis production to lead tours.

Secondly, new visitors coming in and out all the time would threaten the hygiene of our facility, which is an immediate non-starter in the cannabis industry.

For those who’ve requested a tour but were politely declined, we have some good news!

GreenSeal recently hosted a team of professional photographers from Cass & Zack, an agency specializing in creating digital content for companies in the cannabis space.

Now, for the first time, visitors to our website can experience a virtual tour of GreenSeal Cannabis’ cultivation facility in Stratford, Ontario.

You’ll also get to meet some of the members of our staff team – the hardworking people who make it all happen!

Mother Room: Where it all begins

Every week the production team cuts thousands of clones from dozens of extra-large plants we affectionately refer to as our “Mothers.”

The cuttings are then placed atop an aeroponic chamber known as the TurboKloner (above) for a couple of weeks to establish new roots.

Corey Hamilton (President and co-founder of GreenSeal Cannabis Co., above) checks in on the healthy, happy mamas we rely on to populate our flower rooms.

Flower Room One: The testing site

As the regular visitors to our website know, GreenSeal takes its commitment to maximizing the potential of the cannabis plant very seriously.

Flower Room One (above) has been the location for most of our R&D efforts, which have included testing different lighting formats, pot sizes, irrigation regimes and environmental variables to determine the best indoor conditions for cannabis yields and potency.

Ryan (one of GreenSeal’s Production Assistants, above) keeps a keen eye on everything that happens in Flower Room One.

Flower Room Two: The future of cannabis cultivation is now!

We applied everything we learned in Flower Room One to the design of our facility’s next phase.

When Flower Room Two was brought online at the beginning of 2019, its multi-tiered design quite possibly gave us the potential to grow more cannabis per square foot than any other grower in the world.

We have some sensational photos of Flower Room Two. Unfortunately, the ground-breaking innovations we’ve applied to FR2 are proprietary and not available for public sharing, so this photo (above) will have to do for now.

You can still get a good idea of our space-intensive growing format: multi-tiered vertically, with multiple rows horizontally.

Production Assistant Lee (above) tends to the canopy in Flower Room Two (which often requires the use of a scissor lift to access all of the levels!).

We continue to test and monitor the performance of Flower Room Two to maximize its massive potential.

Water Room: Everything flows from here

Co-Founder Chad Morphy (above) is GreenSeal’s Master Grower.

He’s responsible for all aspects of our production, including optimizing nutrient levels and irrigation schedules for the thousands of plants being cultivated in our facility.

Pumps deliver the water from the tanks in the Water Room into the Flower Rooms via drip line irrigation.

Thanks for Visiting!

We’re sorry we can’t invite everyone to come to see our operations in person.

But we’re hoping these photos give you a good idea of our facility and some of the people who keep it humming.

If you’d like to see even more photos from our recent photo shoot, be sure to follow @GreenSealCanna on Instagram!

If you have any questions about GreenSeal Cannabis Co.’s production site, leave them in the comments below!

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