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GreenSeal Hits the Road at the University of Guelph Cannabis Job Fair

cannabis • March 6, 2019

Members of the University of Guelph’s Cannabis Growers Club are our kind of people!

If you’ve been visiting our website regularly, you’ve probably noticed a lot of action on GreenSeal’s Careers page.

The recent launch of our multi-tiered, state-of-the-art Flower Room #2 means it’s likely GreenSeal Cannabis Co. is currently capable of producing more cannabis per square foot than any other producer in the entire world.

As a Licensed Producer ramps-up its production capacity, it also needs to increase its workforce.

We are looking for energetic candidates with a lot of passion for indoor cannabis production, and an academic background in agriculture or plant sciences is a definite asset.

2019 promises to be the breakout year for GreenSeal Cannabis Co., so the timing was perfect when we learned the nearby University of Guelph was hosting a Cannabis Job Fair on January 30th.

An opportunity for outreach and education

Regular visitors to our website also know the team at GreenSeal Cannabis Co. takes our role as cannabis educators and innovators very seriously.

Infographic by GreenSeal Cannabis Co. illustrating the entire process of indoor cannabis production.

We took the opportunity to create an educational infographic illustrating the entire process of Indoor Cannabis Production (above), which we turned into a tabletop banner for the Job Fair attendees to check out at our booth.

GreenSeal Cannabis Co.'s Master Grower Chad Morphy at the University of Guelph's Cannabis Job Fair.

To attract the pool of potential job applicants, we flanked the booth manned by our Master Grower Chad Morphy (shown in photo) and our Head of Innovation Dr. James Eaves with banners emblazoned with our logo and motto.

And to top it off, we also offered free GreenSeal Cannabis Co. t-shirts to the many attendees who checked-in at our booth and dropped off a resumé!

It all started with the U. of Guelph Cannabis Growers Club

GreenSeal was able to connect with hundreds of talented, high-quality potential hires at the Cannabis Job Fair, but perhaps the best connection we made was with the club that organized the whole event.

The University of Guelph could very well be the only fully-accredited university in the world with a registered club dedicated entirely to growing cannabis.

University of Guelph Cannabis Growers Club Logo

The U. of Guelph Cannabis Growers Club was started by its founder, Austin Baiton, in the fall semester of 2018.

Mr. Baiton wanted to share his passion for the cannabis industry with other students, so he set out to create a community of growers on campus ahead of legalization in October 2018.

Poster for University of Guelph's Cannabis Growers Club

He needed 25 signatures to establish the group as an official university club.

It turned out a members list with 25 signatures wasn’t hard to achieve…

At the time of the Job Fair, there were no less than 136 members of the Cannabis Growers Club (unfortunately, membership in the club is restricted to Students, Staff, Faculty and Alumni of the University of Guelph).

Although there are no age restrictions regarding participation in the Growers Club (due to the fact it is purely educational and university-run), GreenSeal only solicits and accepts job applications from those who are 18+ (and, of course, cannabis promotion, possession and/or use is restricted to those who are 19+ in the Province of Ontario).

When we asked the club’s founder how he felt about the university’s first-ever Cannabis Job Fair he was positive, but was already looking forward to the next one, “We felt it was a success, but there is always room for improvement!”

With more lead time ahead of the next event, the organizers are hoping more Licensed Producers and other cannabis-related businesses will be able to participate.

We will be first in line to RSVP for the next job fair, especially after the feedback we got from Austin about our participation:

“A lot of students really enjoyed your booth because you had some very knowledgeable employees in attendance which not all companies provided. The attendees definitely saw value in talking to employees who don’t just work in Human Resources.”

Good things are budding at the University of Guelph

Members of the U. of Guelph Cannabis Growers Club are obviously our kind of people!

When we followed @guelphcannabisclub on Instagram, we discovered we aren’t the only ones who appreciate the educational value of a good cannabis-themed infographic.

Infographic cannabis anatomy from the University of Guelph Cannabis Growers Club

The club’s Social Media Director Jennifer Hoogenboom has been putting together some really impressive graphics depicting useful information like cannabis plant characteristics (above) and growth stages (below).

Infographic cannabis growth stages

Considering how popular cannabis cultivation is at the U. of G., we asked Austin Baiton if there are any hands-on growing activities happening on campus.

It turns out U. of Guelph has a cannabis research license (which is logical considering it is one of Canada’s biggest universities for Agricultural Studies).

Although cultivation on campus is currently quite limited, Mr. Baiton has high hopes for the future:

“There is some growing taking place on campus under a research license however this license limits us to keeping plants in tissue culture. If we want to grow the plants out to maturity we send them to a partner to grow them for us. We partner with many companies and all of the greenhouse research takes place offsite.”

This reminds us a lot of GreenSeal’s relationship with Laval University, another well-known Canadian institution for Agricultural Studies.

Our Head of Innovation, Dr. James Eaves, is a professor of Agricultural Economics at Laval.

In collaboration with our team, he is able to simultaneously study cannabis production from an academic perspective while also leading our own efforts to harness the full potential of the cannabis plant.

We’ve already seen significant outcomes from our academic partnership with Laval University.

Dr. Eaves recently performed a lighting study that proved general-purpose LEDs produce higher yields and were more cost-efficient than specialty horticulture lighting.

Based on those findings, GreenSeal designed our brand-new Flower Room #2 utilizing generic LEDs as the lighting format.

The University of Guelph has similar research partnerships, but according to Baiton there is potential in the future to undertake cannabis research on campus as part of a new $20 million, on-site greenhouse.

The popularity and positive presence of the Cannabis Growers Club on campus will almost certainly help encourage the inclusion of cannabis-specific activities in the new facility.

Although Baiton is not aware of any current plans for the University of Guelph to incorporate a cannabis-specific course, curriculum, or degree program, there is no shortage of plant science and horticulture courses available to students interested in learning about cannabis production.

See you next year!

Interest in cannabis is certainly not a new thing on Canadian university campuses.

But now that legalization is in place, cannabis-loving students are now allowed to openly congregate, share ideas, and educate one another about the plant’s potential.

Our Master Grower and Head of Innovation really appreciated the opportunity to talk face-to-face with enthusiastic and well-qualified job candidates connected to one of Canada’s most well-known institutions for agricultural studies.

We will continue to keep tabs on the University of Guelph Cannabis Growers Club through their social media channels and encourage everyone to do the same!

We also encourage those attending other Canadian post-secondary institutions to follow Austin Baiton’s lead and set up your own university-sanctioned clubs for cannabis growers!

Did you attend the University of Guelph’s very first Cannabis Job Fair?

Are you a member of the U. of G. Cannabis Growers Club?

If so, let us know about your experiences in the comments below!

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