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“High”-Tech: Top Ten Cannabis Gadgets for Father’s Day Gifting

June 5, 2019

If there’s one thing all dads love, it’s techy toys

June 16, 2019 will be the first Father’s Day since Canada legalized adult-use recreational cannabis.

Now that Canadian dads can access regulated, stigma-free cannabis through legal channels, it’s perfect timing to help them up their game by gifting them some next-level, high-tech accessories.

GreenSeal is all about innovation and this list includes some of the coolest new products for fatherly consumers to enjoy cannabis (or even grow their own!).

Whatever your budget, our list will give you some fantastic Father’s Day gift ideas for the cannabis-loving dads in your life.

Tesla Coil Plasma Lighter

Surprise dad this Father’s Day by buying him a Tesla!

OK, the Tesla Coil Lighter might not be a luxury electric car, but it is an incredible lighter that can be used even in windy conditions.

The best part about these flameless lighters is they are 100% electric – an electrical plasma arc is created for sparking up – and therefore don’t run out of fuel or need to be refilled with butane.

You just plug them in anywhere with a USB cable to recharge.

Tesla Coil Lighters are available in both single-arc and dual-arc versions with all sorts of attractive colours and slick finishes.

OTTO by Banana Bros

William S. Burroughs once described joint rolling as “a thankless task, like carving the turkey.”

Grinding cannabis up and rolling it into the perfect cone used to be a bit of a chore, but with the OTTO by Banana Bros, it can be achieved effortlessly with just the push of a button.

Using an onboard microcomputer, the OTTO gently mills dad’s herb then proceeds to fill a cone flawlessly with no mess or waste (which gives dad more time to do other thankless tasks, like mowing the lawn!).

Nova Decarboxylator

We will all have to likely wait until October 2019 before edible cannabis products are available to purchase through Canada’s legal retail channels.

In the meantime, if dad’s interested in trying his hand at making his own cannabis edibles, here’s a sweet little countertop appliance to help him out.

The NOVA Decarboxylator by Ardent activates the THC or CBD in cannabis flower or concentrates by gently heating the product for an hour and 45 minutes (a crucial step before using cannabis in recipes).

Once your product has been successfully activated, you can also use the device to infuse your activated THC/CBD into butter or oil by running a second cycle using a special sleeve insert.

NELOMO Macro Camera Lens

If dad gets excited by super-close-up photography of crystal-caked buds, shiny mushroom-shaped trichomes, white-and-orange flower hairs, or gem-like concentrates, this is the gift for him.

The NELOMO Universal Professional HD Camera Lens Kit is compatible with most smartphones and includes a removable macro lens that turns a normal phone camera into one that magnifies images 15X.

Dad can use the lens to take crisp photos of his cannabis from as close as 2 cm away, creating professional-grade images capturing all the detail and intricacy of the herb.

The kit also includes a 230° fish-eye lens and a super wide-angle lens for other DIY adventures in photography.

The best part is, this gift comes in at just $29.99 CDN!

Cloud Pen 3.0

Vape pens are all the rage today, but most of them are limited to one form of cannabis (with different vaporizer pens designed specifically for dry flower, for concentrates like wax/shatter, or for oils).

Rather than trying to figure out dad’s preference, the Cloud Pen 3.0 vaporizer provides a discrete, all-in-one device that supports dry herb vaping, concentrates, as well as thick or thin oils.

It comes with a whole bunch of accessories, including 5 extra mouthpieces, a USB charger and adaptor, and three different atomizers (corresponding with the 3 different formats for cannabis vaping).

With a one-year warranty and loads of online buzz, your only challenge for picking dad up a Cloud 3.0 will be finding a retailer that has one in stock this Father’s Day.

Tarik T-Rex Rosin Press

Just like edibles, cannabis concentrates will likely not be available for legal purchase in Canada until October 2019.

But we definitely DO NOT RECOMMEND dad making his own concentrates illegally using solvents like butane or isopropyl alcohol for extraction (the last thing anyone wants is for pops to blow up the house… or himself!).

One way to safely (and legally) extract THC, CBD, and terpenes from cannabis without the use of flammable solvents is known as a “Rosin Press.”

A Rosin Press uses a combination of high pressure and low heat to essentially melt away the THC, CBD and terpenes from cannabis flower (or shake or kief) without the use of solvents or chemicals.

The Tarik T-Rex Rosin Press is a handy tabletop gadget designed to allow people to make their own rosin using what looks a lot like a little green panini press.

Instead of a sandwich, you put your raw cannabis matter between the two plates of the press, turn on the heat, then push down as hard as you can on the top handle to literally squish out the rosin.

Once collected, the rosin can be consumed exactly the same as other concentrates like shatter, resin, budder, wax, etc.

Hydro Crunch 315W Ceramic Metal Halide (CMH) Grow Light

It’s perfectly reasonable if you’re surprised that the grow light we chose for our Father’s Day gadget-gifting list isn’t a fancy, specialized LED horticultural fixture.

The fact is, the light emitted by Ceramic Metal Halide (CMH) bulbs and fixtures (like the Hydro Crunch 315W) is the closest anyone has ever come to replicating the light spectrum emitted by the sun itself.

Those who are familiar with the term “Metal Halide” will assume this light is only suitable for vegetative growth, but Ceramic Metal Halides are actually suitable for both veg and flower stages.

There’s no need to switch fixtures or bulbs when it’s time to send your plants into flowering since the Ceramic Metal Halide technology allows the bulbs to endure higher heat and therefore emit a wider spectrum of light than conventional Metal Halide bulbs.

The Hydro Crunch system has everything dad needs for lighting including a bulb, reflector, ballast, and adjustable ratchet hangers, all for under $200 CDN.

General Hydroponics EcoGrower Drip System Kit

Now that dad has a grow light you can complete his home-grow system by pairing it with the General Hydroponics EcoGrower Drip Hydroponic System.

This compact all-in-one kit has been recognized as a great option for beginners and includes everything from nutrients to clay pellets to easy-to-understand instructions.

Although it’s a bit pricey (at close to $700 CDN) dad would tell you it saves money in the long run by letting him always grow four of his own high-quality, legal, indoor cannabis plants for years to come.

Stündenglass Gravity Bong

The Stündenglass Gravity Bong probably doesn’t belong on this list: it’s not high-tech at all and contains zero electronic components.

But we couldn’t resist since it just might be the perfect toy for the cannabis-loving dad who already has everything.

At $500 USD each, the stunning Stündenglass Gravity Bong has the potential to take on the status of a family heirloom, to be treasured and passed along from generation to generation.

It uses the same principles as a clever, age-old DIY technique utilizing a 2-litre pop bottle and a bucket or sink full of water (called “Buckets,” “Hydro-Tokes,” or “Depth Charges,” depending on who you ask).

If you’re still not clear how it works, here’s a video of Seth Rogen taking one out for a test drive.

Master Lock 5900D Safe

Now that dad is all stocked-up on legal cannabis and all the latest nifty gadgets, it’s of course super-important to keep it all safely locked up and away from the hands of young people.

Although there are many cannabis-specific storage cases available (click here for the entire selection offered online through the Ontario Cannabis Store website) we chose the Master Lock 5900D portable personal safe for a few reasons.

First, it has a system that allows it to be locked internally, as well as secured to a fixed object with a cable, all using the same combination pad.

Second, it has an access port that allows electronic gadgets inside the safe to be charged while it is locked (so you can still charge your Cloud Pen 3.0 and your Tesla Coil Lighter while the lid is secured closed).

Third, with a price tag at just a little over $30, it gives dad security and peace of mind without you having to break the bank.

Give Dad Something He Really Wants This Father’s Day

For as long as any of us can remember, the options for Father’s Day gifts have been pretty boring and clichéd.

Dad won’t tell you, but he really doesn’t need another tie, shaving kit, grilling tool set, or another new pair of slippers.

What he really wants this year is a cool gadget to help him enjoy the newfound freedom he feels now that cannabis is legalized in Canada.

Any cannabis-loving papa would love to receive any of the toys on our list, so go out and get him what he really wants!

Do you have any other recommendations for Father’s Day gifts for dads who appreciate cannabis?

Please share them by leaving a comment below!

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