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Attention Alberta! Dropping in May 2021: Premium Whole Flower In 3.5g & Pre-rolls!

May 18, 2021

Alberta loves cannabis.

Truthfully, all of Canada loves cannabis, but the Province of Alberta really loves cannabis, especially high quality flower and pre-rolls from local retailers.

To put the success of its regulated cannabis rollout into perspective, in Alberta there is currently a total of 625 retail cannabis stores.

With a population of just over 4 million, Alberta is way ahead of all the other provinces when it comes to retail stores per capita.

Alberta went all-in on retail cannabis from the get-go of legalization, and it hasn’t looked back.

Those 625 stores have been serving Albertans from all the way down south in Lethbridge and Medicine Hat to all the way up north in Fort McMurray and beyond.

For those few Albertans who don’t have a store near them, online shopping is available via the provincial government’s webpage.

The province with Canada’s most robust retail network is also home to some of the industry’s trailblazers and tastemakers, and we expect our products will catch their attention!

Introducing: Gorilla Berry Pre-rolls

We’re looking forward to the reaction of Alberta’s retailers and customers once they try GreenSeal’s Gorilla Berry pre-rolls, which come in tubes containing 3 half-gram joints.

We’re introducing Gorilla Berry pre-rolls in BC this week (on May 19, 2021) as a brand new product, in response to the overwhelming popularity of our Gorilla Berry 3.5g whole flower format in that province.

That’s just a little over one week ahead of their dropping in Alberta (where GreenSeal’s products will be available as of May 27, 2021).

With THC ranging from 22 to 28% and total terpenes clocking in at 2-4%, Gorilla Berry pre-rolls are full of sweet berry flavour with powerful effects typically associated with strong Indica flower.

For those who prefer to roll their own or pack the bong, Gorilla Berry whole flower is also available in 3.5g format (with identical THC/terpene specs as the pre-rolls, since both contain the exact same premium whole flower).

Alberta, meet Mango Kush

Once the knowledgeable budtenders throughout Alberta get the chance to try our Mango Kush (in both 3 x 0.5g pre-rolls and 3.5g format), we predict they’ll be inspired to recommend it to their customers.

Mango Kush will particularly appeal to consumers who appreciate the fruity, funky musk flavour of Myrcene (coming in strong with 1.5-3.5% total terpenes) combined with high THC (20-26%).

Chemdawg Ultra: A Sativa Story

If a budtender in Alberta gets a customer request for a new cultivar with typically Sativa characteristics, they can steer them towards our Sativa-dominant Chemdawg Ultra.

Chemdawg Ultra will be available in Alberta in 3.5g whole flower format and is recommended for those looking for a classically dank, earthy cannabis aroma (unmistakable at 1.5-3.5% terpenes) combined with strong, distinctly Sativa effects (total THC = 20-26%).

Move over Wild Rose, cannabis is Alberta’s new favourite flower!

If you’re living in Alberta, be sure to ask your local budtender to stock up on GreenSeal’s three cultivars so you can try them all.

After you’ve had a chance to enjoy our products, we’d love to hear your feedback, please leave a comment below!

We’d also like to learn all about your favourite retailers in Alberta, so please mention your go-to spot in the comments!

We’ve been hosting a series of Instagram Live sessions with BC retailers, and we would love to invite some Alberta stores to join us for future episodes!

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