There’s corporate cannabis, and then there’s GreenSeal. Founded by medical-grade growers in Stratford, Ontario, we take a craft approach to growing safe, superior strains of premium cannabis. Thanks to our deep background in genetic selection, breeding and hydroponic farming, whenever you see the ‘GreenSeal of Approval’ – you’ll know it has been grown with care and dedication to the highest standards.

Planting the seed – the origins of GreenSeal

GreenSeal didn’t start in a boardroom or a basement. Our company grew out of an established collective of local entrepreneurs and licensed growers operating in Canada’s first wave of legal, medical cannabis. A shared passion for growing perfection guided us to achieve our ambitious goal of producing superior strains of premium cannabis. Today we continue to dedicate ourselves to raising the bar for the modern cannabis industry through our ongoing research and innovation.

Superior Cannabis from the ground up

All GreenSeal products are farmed in our brand new, 28,000 square foot production facility – custom-built for cannabis perfection. Thanks to our proprietary grow systems and cultivation methodology, our natural-based products will help take quality to a whole new level.

GreenSeal Cannabis Co. For the Greener Good.

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