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A Budding Romance: 5 Easy Steps for a Starry-Eyed Cannabis Valentine’s Day

cannabis • February 12, 2019

Give them a different kind of flower this February 14th

This is the first Valentine’s Day since cannabis legalization came into effect in Canada.

If you and your partner share a love of the herb, you should try to make your night together truly dreamy.

The best part is you don’t have to buy expensive jewelry or shell out for a fancy restaurant meal to show them how much you really care.

All you have to do to be a true cannabis Casanova this year is follow these five easy steps.

You’ll be covered with everything you need for a beautiful night of romance, from music to chocolates to food to… well, the rest is up to you.

1) Set the Mood with Music

The first thing you need to take care of is the soundtrack for your evening.

You and your partner might normally enjoy listening to stoner classics when you’re getting lifted together.

Cypress Hill’s “Hits from the Bong” and the Willie Nelson/Snoop Dogg joint “Roll Me Up and Smoke Me When I Die” never seem to get old.

But on this night, you’ll need to put your well-worn mixtapes aside and cue up something a little more, umm, stimulating.

When in doubt go to Spotify. It has the perfect playlist for your cannabis-infused Valentine’s Day celebration: aptly labelled weed, sex, chill, relax.

The playlist features seductive tracks from the likes of Major Lazer, Chance the Rapper, and Stateless.

We especially like the song “Where are Ü Now?” featuring the smooth vocals of our fellow Stratford, Ontario native Justin Bieber!

2) Show Them you Care with Homemade Edibles

Valentine’s chocolates are so cliché.

The red, heart-shaped box with a bow around it usually contains bonbons so low-grade you’d be forgiven for suspecting they’re melted-down leftovers from unsold Halloween treats.

Here’s a Valentine’s hack. Go to your local dollar store and buy the cheapest, tackiest heart-shaped box of chocolates you can find.

Then empty out the crappy chocolates and replace them with your own handmade cannabis confectionaries.

There are some great edibles cookbooks out there with cannabis-infused recipes for everything from marshmallows to chocolates to gummies.

Follow the recipes and their dosing recommendations closely (or risk ruining your night!).

Take things slow. Remember, edibles can take quite a while to kick in (easily an hour or more) so don’t make the rookie mistake of thinking they’re not working and eating more than the recipe recommends.

For adults only! It’s also, of course, super-important to make sure you don’t leave edibles anywhere a young person can get their hands on them!

3) Sow the Seeds of Love

The edibles you and your lover just ate will, as mentioned, probably take an hour or more to fully kick in.

Which gives you and your partner time to do something together that symbolizes your ever-growing love for one another.

February 14th happens to be the perfect date to start cannabis seeds in anticipation of the outdoor growing season.

Now that legal seeds are available online, you can order a four-pack ahead of your special night.

You can even pre-germinate them so they’re ready to put into soil that night.

Decorate some grow-pots together to express your budding romance.

Then fill them with soil, transplant the germinated seeds, water them, and get them under lights.

By the time the summer arrives, you’ll have some solid seedlings.

When you put them outside around the beginning of June they should start growing like, well, a weed.

Once they’re ready in late September/October you can harvest the dank fruits of your passion while reminiscing on the fun-filled evening you spent together back in f-f-f-frozen February!

4) Make Your Own CBD Oil for a Valentine’s Massage

Once your seeds are planted and your edibles start to take effect, it’s time to truly pamper your partner.

CBD oil massages are all the rage at trendy New York City spas, but there’s no need to travel to the Big Apple to experience one.

Although CBD topicals (like creams and lotions) won’t be available to legally purchase in Canada until later in 2019, you can easily make your own CBD massage oil.

If you wanted to give your partner a CBD massage, here’s how you could make your own CBD massage oil. First, you’d legally source some cannabis oil with clearly marked CBD content (the CBD level will be indicated in terms of milligrams per millilitre).

Next, you would melt ½ cup coconut oil (or if you prefer, warm up some sesame oil) over gentle heat (200 F°).

Finally, you’d add 1.5 millilitres of the CBD cannabis oil and stir in gently until it is fully dissolved. After letting it cool down you’d be ready to give your partner a CBD oil massage.

A note on controlling your CBD/THC dosage: The exact amount of CBD in your massage oil could be controlled fairly easily.

First, you’d read your cannabis oil’s label and determine the milligrams of CBD content per millilitre.

Then you’d need to multiply the milligrams of CBD per millilitre listed on the label by the number of milliliters of cannabis oil you add to your base oil.

For example, if you had CBD oil with a content of 12 mg/ml and you added 1.5 ml to ½ cup of base oil, the total CBD content of your massage oil will be 18 mg (12 mg/ml x 1.5 ml = 18 mg).

If you and your partner each used a ¼ cup when giving each other massages, you’d each get 9 mg of CBD.

You could adjust your CBD dosage for more or less CBD depending on your preference, and the same goes for THC.

THC is often included in legal cannabis oils containing CBD at an indicated ratio.

For example, if the label indicated the THC-to-CBC ratio is 1:2 it means there is twice as much CBD content compared to THC; a 1:1 ratio means there are equal amounts of THC/CBD.

5) Order in Pizza!

Even if you only follow two or three of the steps listed above, your Valentine’s Day will already be pretty damn special.

There’s no need to break your neck trying to cook a fancy gourmet meal to impress your sweetheart at this point.

The fact is, if you’re like most cannabis-loving couples, ordering-in your favourite pizza is about as good as it gets when you’re in such a blissful state.

Let someone else do the cooking and use the time you have to enjoy each other’s company.

Just make sure you’re decent when the delivery person comes to the door!

Canna-Be Your Valentine?

Celebrating Valentine’s Day with plain old chocolates or flowers is so 2018.

Now that legalization is here, make the most of all the opportunities for good, clean, cannabis-fueled romance.

Why wait until next February? You’ll probably enjoy it so much you and your partner will continue to celebrate your love canna-style all the time!

Do you have any other ideas for herb-loving couples to create the perfect Valentine’s Day?

If they’re not X-rated, let us know in the comments below!

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