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2019 Promises to be GreenSeal Cannabis Co.’s Breakout Year

cannabis • January 4, 2019

2018 will always be recognized as a landmark year for the cannabis industry in Canada.

On October 17, 2018, the Cannabis Act legalized cannabis consumption for millions of Canadian adult cannabis users.

The historic legislation also opened up the opportunity for many adult Canadians to enjoy cannabis for the first time safely and without stigma.

GreenSeal Cannabis Co. also reached some major milestones in 2018.

Our first cannabis plants went into production in January 2018, and by May the flowers from our first three production batches passed industry lab testing requirements with flying colours.

In May we also launched our full-scale innovation department as Dr. James Eaves from Laval University joined our team as Head of Innovation.

In July we were happy to announce a wholesale supply contract with Blissco. Inc., starting what we hope will be a long and beautiful partnership.

We received our Business-to-Business Sales License from Health Canada in November and sent our first shipments out to Blissco the same day!

It’s hard to imagine a year more eventful or successful than we experienced in 2018.

But as we look ahead to 2019, it’s thrilling to realize 2018 was only the beginning.

2019 promises to be the true breakout year for GreenSeal Cannabis Co., and here are some of the exciting reasons why.

We’re Scaling Up (Big-Time!)

One of the early short-term problems that arose after October 17th was a nationwide shortage of cannabis available through legal channels.

Turns out the demand for cannabis among Canadians coast-to-coast was more than anyone imagined, topping $43 million in total sales in just the first two weeks after legalization.

Many stores sold out of their inventory on the first day.

We’ve all heard about the various short term solutions to the supply shortages.

But there’s only one real long-term solution to the Great Canadian Cannabis Shortage:

Licensed Producers need to grow a lot more safe, quality cannabis!

The good news is: If other LPs are ramping-up production at the same rate we currently are, the shortage will not be a problem for very long.

We’re on it! In 2018 we put a lot of energy into researching and testing what worked best for all our growing formats and inputs.

Now we’re taking the lessons we learned in 2018 and applying them to expand and maximize our production capacity and yields in 2019.

We’re more than tripling production. We marked the start of 2019 by adding a brand-new, state-of-the-art flowering room to our operations.

Which meant our total canopy of flowering cannabis just expanded by 375% compared to our 2018 capacity.

And that’s only the beginning! If everything goes as planned, we will be expanding and doubling production again before the year is over.

Growing new strains and creating new hybrids. Based on the outcomes of our 2018 breeding and genetic selection program, we’ve chosen some outstanding new cannabis strains to cultivate in 2019.

The positive results of our selective breeding efforts include THC lab results that are 25% higher than the seed companies advertised when we purchased their seeds.

Our program also produced some mixed hybrid strains by cross-breeding existing cannabis types to combine the best features of both parents.

We identified the plants that performed best (for example with the highest rates of THC or CBD) to serve as our “mothers” for cloning in 2019.

Expanding our team. As our cultivation capacity increases, so is our team as we strategically add positions in critical areas of our operations.

We’re currently hiring for positions on the production crew, as well as in our offices.

If you’re an HR ringer, an accountant, a maintenance technician, or someone interested in working on the cultivation team, send your resume and a cover letter to

2019: The Year of Opportunities

As a forward-looking Licensed Producer, we’re eagerly monitoring the evolving cannabis regulations and the exciting opportunities they could present for our company.

Coming soon: Our “Business-to-Consumer” sales license. We are expecting to obtain approval from Health Canada to sell to the consumer market in early 2019.

A retail outlet is a possibility. We’re currently weighing all our options for connecting cannabis lovers with our product, including the potential to open up a “factory outlet”-style retail store on our site here in Stratford, Ontario.

Available soon at a store near you. Whether or not we open a store ourselves, we are definitely looking forward to making our product available on other retail cannabis store shelves in the near future.

Our genetics are in demand. We are also considering creating channels for selling the seeds and clones from our selective breeding and hybridization programs to the public and other LPs.

Medical users are important. Our team’s roots as legal cannabis producers trace back to the programs Canada originally set up to allow access for people with medical needs.

The possibility of supplying Canadians who use cannabis for medical purposes is something we are also carefully considering this year.

Edibles and concentrates will be big. One of the final pieces of the Canadian legalization puzzle will come into place sometime before October 17, 2019: cannabis edibles and concentrates (e.g. vape pens).

Sales data from American states where cannabis was legal in 2018 indicates these formats will be hugely popular once they are approved and regulated in Canada in 2019.

Considering their imminent popularity, we’re exploring all our options for potentially integrating our product into edible and vape-able formats.

The Sky’s the Limit for GreenSeal Cannabis Co. in 2019

There are still lots of question marks floating around for the Canadian cannabis industry, which makes it difficult for LPs to solidify concrete plans for the future.

But one thing is for sure: 2019 is going to be a huge year for GreenSeal Cannabis Co.

Our rapid expansion offers endless opportunities, and we’re examining and weighing all of them to determine which choices serve our customers best.

Where do you think our greatest opportunities lie?

Should GreenSeal open a nursery? A factory outlet? Should we focus on concentrates and edibles?

Let us know what you think in the comment section below!

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